Odin doesn’t need your consent.

From Galina Krasskova:

i think that in acknowledging Odin as a ruthless, vicious, savage God, a God of the ordeal, a God who would embrace sadism without a second thought if it brought Him closer to what He wanted, if it furthered His agenda was a terrifying thought for spiritworker X. It should be. It doesn’t fill the heart with warm fuzzies. Why? Because if Odin is showing those parts of His nature to me, if He is demanding ordeal of me, when at one point our (mine and spiritworker X’s) experiences of the Old Man were very similar, then what’s to stop Him from suddenly turning around to her and showing that face as well? What’s to stop Him from suddenly demanding that which she was afraid to give (the answer, by the way, is not a damned thing except Odin Himself)?

Our gods can’t BE that. They can’t be cruel. They can’t be mean. They can’t be harsh, or brutal or savage. They can’t demand things of us. They can’t violate consent. Those things frighten us, they terrify us and they should because oh indeed the Gods can be all of those things and more. It’s easy to ignore …until you have living examples of spirit workers who embody this truism walking around right in front of your eyes, “flaunting” it in ways that can’t be easily hidden or dismissed.

And then from the comments:

Rede Seeker
3/13/2013 03:32:36

“…They can’t violate consent….”

We may be in ‘violent agreement’ on this but I would like clarification to be sure. Our consent is required for any invasive Spirit Work – yes? However, that consent may be assumed to be given by us to our Gods-Goddesses-Wights depending on how we Humans describe our connection with Them. If we present ourselves to someone as a Shaman and Wife to Odin, then He feels empowered to treat us as such, whether He considers the title and attributes we claim as true.

My concern has always been people new to the Faith who declare their God-Goddess-Wight affiliations before truly understanding what such affiliations entail.


3/13/2013 05:14:02

I actually think the Gods can violate our consent in certain circumstances. I was being sarcastic in the part you quote above. With godatheow, godspouses, etc. as you infer, it’s a fine line. Consent is given the moment we claim the connection….

but…there indeed situations where the Gods may act against our consent. Our ancestors knew this and were smart enough not to fetishize the idea of consent, which I think our communities do today.

Ms. Krasskova understands the true nature of the Gods.  They don’t require your consent.  They are Gods.  Gods, people.  Get that?  Gods!  And they don’t need to ask permission.  When the Gods are described as rapists in the lore, it’s not a metaphor.  The epiphany of the Gods is a violation.  Odin will strip away your sanity like a rapist.  Dionysus will plunge into your depths like a sodomite.  And the Morrigan will ride you like a Celtic Kai while the other two hold you down.  The Gods are not nice.  They are real.  And those who say otherwise have not met Them.
“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal