To fight evil, we have to become evil.

From Sannion, a priest of Dionysus:

In the spirit of Savonarola and Charles Manson

I think the cult of celebrity is destroying Paganism
so I’m going to transform myself into a Pagan celebrity.

That’s right. I’m gonna get my nasty clown c*ck all up in that sh*t
so that the whole institution ends looking gross and absurd
and people will have no choice but to flee internet communities
and return to the solace of their shrines, just them and their gods
and never another thought given to what authorities think.

To kill what you hate, you must become it.

It ain’t gonna be easy. I’m going to have to stir up a lot of drama.

Innocent people will get burned.

But they brought it on themselves. You make yourself a sheep,
you’re pretty much asking to get fleeced. …

This is real dedication to the Gods, folks.  To become the thing you hate.  To become evil to fight evil.  Gods save us from the timid.

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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