Internet Paganism is real Paganism

A great response from Morag to John Halstead’s claim that “Internet paganism is not paganism”:

That is to say, writing about paganism on the web isn’t really religion like how, you know, pouring libations or saying prayers or whatever it is that people do offline is religion. …

Do you want an actual quote as to what he considers real paganism? Here is one, verbatim:

“Connecting with the land and it’s other-than-human inhabitants, celebrating the Wheel of the Year, worshiping gods, venerating ancestors, meditating, praying at your shrine, pouring libations, making offerings: these kinds of things are Paganism.”

Which, you know, completely erases the existence of pagans who, in their offline lives, do things that are NOT THESE THINGS — and thus, we can assume, they are not really ‘doing paganism’. …

Because guess what? For me, internet paganism IS PAGANISM. This writing I do on this blog? It’s mostly a religious act for me. (Maybe not when I’m ranting like this,*** but most of the time? Yeah. It’s an act of devotion.)

The online shrines that I keep for the gods, the postings I put there, the reblogs? Devotional activity.

My Pinterest boards of devotional imagery? You guessed it — devotional activity!

The 8tracks playlists that I listen to, that I have collected in a “Songs for the Gods” collection? Yes, devotional activity.

The “Songs of the Gods” playlist I have on my Youtube? Devotional.

The weekly Otherfaith online get-togethers, or the conversations we have — all online — throughout the week? Devotional. Related to the Four/Four. Related to our faith, that we’re building, and a way for members of the faith to connect with each other.

Making Kiva loans? Devotional.

Reading certain pieces from certain blogs? Devotional.

Contributing to Deily? Devotional.

All these things and a shitload more, things I do exclusively or mostly online — devotional. Devotional. DEVOTIONAL.

And I know it’s the same for other pagans I know. I know I’m not the only one who lives their religious life partly online.

Who the fuck does Halstead think he is saying that Pagans have to “get their hands dirty” or that we can’t worship the Gods behind a keyboard and a computer screen?  This blog is my offering to the Gods.  This is my shrine to them.  Big deal, so you are tree hugging, dirt worshipping hippie Pagan.  So what?!  I worship real Gods.  Who do you think made the earth that you worship so sanctimoniously?  My Gods did, asshole.






The Morrigan

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