Polytheists are under attack!

From Galina Krasskova:

Polytheisms are under attack worldwide. Daesh, for instance, has been quoted as saying that “Whenever we take control of a piece of land, we remove the symbols of polytheism and spread monotheism in it.” – an ISIL terrorist (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.” Symbols are obviously important and Daesh has made good on their word too, looting and destroying (as in reducing to rubble and dust) polytheist sacred sites. Within our own communities, a large majority of Pagans are not only diametrically opposed to polytheism, but I believe dedicated to its eradication (how else is one to interpret the constant breech of our traditions, the ongoing attempts to co-opt our religious terminology and to water down our traditions until they are meaningless, and the insistence from so many quarters that atheism – a religious position in and of itself—is part of Paganism?).


Whether it is ISIS terrorists who appropriate the name of the Egyptian goddess or an atheist blogger who appropriates the images of an Egyptian goddess, the effect is the same.  It is an assault on the gods.  It is an assault on polytheism.

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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