The Pagan Tent belongs to polytheists.

From “An Open Letter to John Halstead”:

Ancient paganism was polytheism. There’s no way to separate “paganism” and “polytheism.” I would dare argue that even a Jungian perspective would be polytheistic, and much more on the “poly” than ever on the “theos” (since there are gods and goddesses in the imagery).  And it is perfectly normal to do whatever you want with that fact with regards to your spiritual life… but it is not okay to suddenly call for a crusade to erase what is a critical component to understanding the word “paganism” in ancient and contemporary use. And you cannot rewrite the history of words, Mr. Halstead; Galina Krasskova gave a run-down of the word “sacred” here that is probably one of the best I’ve seen. (And as a theologian-in-study, I can testify that this is also the theological definition). …

It’s not your Tent, Mr. Halstead. It’s OUR Tent, and those poles that you think hold “your” Tent up, don’t.

Yeah, so get the fuck out of my tent Halstead!

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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