We need to remove atheist “pagans” from the pagan sphere.

hrafnblod (Ænglo-Texæn Heathen)

Because it isn’t simply my objective to express personal disapproval of atheist “pagans.” My objective is to remove them, to the best of my ability, from the pagan sphere.

I apologize for overestimating your literacy, but I am only libertarian insofar as people aren’t ruining other peoples’ spaces or things. Your insistence on staking an atheistic flag in paganism is tantamount to pissing on my rug.

Finally!  Let’s declare war on the atheist (so-called) “pagans.”  Draw a line in the sand and gods help anyone who crosses it.  That line is the word “pagan”.  Atheists shall not cross!

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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