Paganism must be theistic, or it means nothing. Resist with militant fervor.

Do you think Paganism is “inherently theistic”?

hrafnblod (Ænglo-Texæn Heathen):

Attempts to widen the scope of paganism to include non-theistic and/or non-animistic worldviews are subversive, predatory and deeply destructive to paganism as a broader subcultural movement, almost as much so- perhaps even moreso– than the pervasive infection of shallow, appropriationalist new age behavior.

Paganism, for all the flaws of the term, is a subset of religious traditions. It is not a space for atheists to advocate their ideals or for secularist environmentalists to attempt to fuse their politics with spirituality. In the same way that movements like heathenry have outgrown some of the poorly thought out ideas of their infancy (like the hammer rite, or whathaveyou), paganism as a whole needs to outgrow the stifling, residual ties that it holds to rebellious, secularist “earth-centered” (but typically, earth-ignorant) philosophies. And it does not need to replace those things with modern atheism, or some other trifling fad that will wither the roots of our connection to the past, our ancestors and our gods.

Yes, paganism is inherently theistic and/or animistic. It must be, or it means nothing. And attempts by atheists to co-opt it- though I’m sure this position will be challenged by many- should be resisted with militant fervor. The stakes are some fifty years of progress and refinement. I’d rather not start fresh with some ruinous, fraudulent tripe all over again.

Finally, someone willing to declare war on the impious!  We are fighting for the survival of our religion here.  It is us or them.  There can be no compromises!

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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