When your images of the Gods start talking to you, then you know this shit is real.

I finally found someone who despises that Halstead twat as much as me.  I’m currently working my way through ‘s recent postings.  This one was awesome!  Time to be schooled Halstead:

Halstead is an atheist (by claim, I’ve heard other atheists dispute said claim). He doesn’t believe in the Gods. He thinks they are images, icons, archetypes, at best. And the nice thing about those types of things is that they are static. You put a picture down, it stays where you put it. You have an icon that means something, it’s going to mean it later. An archetype is always going to be an archetype, something that is universal where ever it goes. Nice, stable, clean, reliable.

So what happens when the “picture” moves? Well, that’s a bit unsettling. Might even make you wonder if the houses is haunted. What about when the smiling icon is suddenly frowning? Quickly, things are a bit odd. You tell yourself “Well, maybe it was always like that and I didn’t notice.”

Telling yourself that, however, gets harder when other people start saying things like “i saw that picture move!” or “clearly this ‘icon’ is angry over something.” And it’s easy to ignore it when one person does it, but the more people who say they saw the same thing, it becomes harder and harder to ignore. Suddenly, instead of them being the delusional and mistaken ones…you are.

So when you have hundreds of people running around going “Odin did this!” Mars says this about such and such issue!” “Hel likes blackberries!” it gets really, really hard to insist that such gods are but the images in your head.

Thus, when polytheists and atheist views do not match up 100% in this regard…it is the atheist who begins to question.

Helsen nailed it!  I think what’s really going on here is that Halstead is really, really afraid that his picture of the gods will start moving and talking to him.  Because he knows that’s what’s going on for other people.  And he’s jealous, but also scared shitless.  And so he thinks he’s fighting polytheists, but he’s really fighting against the part of himself that wants to believe.  Well, one day Halstead’s idols will start moving and talking and it will be impossible to ignore.  And then he’ll probably just go batshit crazy because he can’t handle the cognitive dissonance.

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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