Wage war for the Gods

From Lucius Svartwulf Helsen, Part 1:

maybe “I’m an Atheist Pagan” Halstead might wanna think before he starts this fight. Oh wait, he already did. Welp, if silence is not an option, then let words be our weapons, at least until Halstead gets driven to the point where he starts grabbing bombs or something.

Halstead has declared war. PSVL offered peace and it has been rejected. Then again, Halstead really started this whole thing off to begin with so yeah, why would he want to stop. As far as he’s concerned, he fired the first shots and he’s “winning.” Not sure how victory is going to be measured without a body count, but hey, it’s like Valhalla, we shall battle all day and feast all night.

Gods, no wonder everyone wants to punch him in the face.

From Part 2:

Hel, for the first real time I am understanding why so many of my fellow Pagans hate Halstead. Gods, reading this article of his is making me want to go all “kill the non-believers” because frankly, he’s drawing a line in the stone and saying “we can’t simply co-exist and not make a big deal about it, we gotta fight it out till I win!”

And he will never “win.”

if you keep this up, this discussion will become a war, and I got no problems spanking you repeatedly. I’m from the Germanics and the Romans. We made war our bitch.

Helsen is a warrior for the gods.  If he were here, I would kiss him.  Or give him a medal or something.  There is a holy war going on.  And polytheists like Helsen are fighting the good fight.  Our Gods are the Gods of war.  And war waged in Their names is the definition of just war.  So look out Halstead.  Cause the hammer is coming down!

“If evil though knowest, then proclaim it to all as evil, and make no friendship with foes.” — Havamal

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